Government of PNG

png_emblemGovernment of PNG has been tasked to take the lead the PNGEITI implementation through the Chairman and the National Coordinator.

Some of the specific responsibilities include:

  • Ensure PNGEITI process respects national legislation and confidentiality of commercially sensitive information
  • Cooperate to achieve a successful implementation of the PNGEITI
  • Commit and manage government as well as donor funding to the PNGEITI budget
  • Mobilize sufficient resources to support the PNGEITI
  • Agree and commit to work cooperatively with the independent reconciler and respond diligently to requests made by the reconciler and PNGMSG
  • Ensure that its members use a fact-based approach to engaging in the PNGMSG, work with EI and CSOs to build awareness of EI and related revenues to the State, and are fully engaged in monitoring the implementation of the PNGEITI work plan and the overall implementation of the initiative
  • Ensure that state owned enterprises involved in EI report their revenues and / or earnings along with receipts for such revenues and / or earnings in accordance with EITI guidelines
  • Establish and operate the interim PNG EITI National Secretariat