EI Companies

Companies involved in the Extractive Industries (EI) will also play an important role in this initiative. Some of the tasks/responsibilities they have been tasked with are:

  • Cooperate to achieve a successful implementation of the PNGEITI
  • Commit to perform in line with the PNGEITI requirements and work plan
  • Agree to disclose payments to the government and independent reconciler in accordance with the agreed reporting templates
  • Agree and commit to work cooperatively with the independent reconciler and respond diligently to requests made by the reconciler and PNGMSG
  • Ensure that its members use a fact-based approach to engaging in the PNGMSG, work with GoPNG and CSOs to build awareness of EI and related revenues to the State, and are fully engaged in monitoring the implementation of the PNGEITI work plan and the overall implementation of the initiative