The PNGMSG is the primary body responsible to oversee and coordinate the successful and effective implementation of the global EITI standards in PNG. The body will provide and establish a framework to promote collaboration and consensus building in implementing the Extractive Industries Trasparency Initiative (EITI) in PNG accordingly.

The PNGMSG is governed by PNGEITI’s program, and provides strategic direction and related support actions and measure in collaboration with key stakeholder groups to ensure the successful implementation of the EITI in Papua New GUinea. The scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • Promote revenue transparency and accountability in the extractive sector in PNG through implementing PNGEITI in line with the global EITI standard and PNG’s legal, regulatory and socio-cultural context.
  • Provide a balanced forum for dialogue, debate, and consensus on EITI-specifi issues relating to the extractive sector in PNG